50FT 15M Firewire Cable Silver 6PIN 6PIN
50FT 15M Firewire Cable Silver 6PIN 6PIN

15 Meter FIREWIRE Cable 6P-6P

Premium Quaility Silver Cable with Dual Ferrites.
Excellent for use with Firewire: Hard Drives, Card Readers, Printers, Scanners Etc.


  • Up to 400 Mbits/sec High Speed Data transmission.
  • Twisted pair construction for extreme velocity data transfer rates.
  • Molded strain relief and PVC overmolding to ensure a lifetime of error-free data transmissions.
  • Outer shield and inner shield (foil and braid) ensures compliance with the latest IEEE 1394 standards, which reduces radio frequency and electro-magnetic interference.
    Incompatible with: Canon Mark-II Firewire Port

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