6FT MULTISYNC TYPE DB9-Male HD15-Male Monitor

Part No00650
Stock Limited Stock
Price 1 to 9 $4.99
Price 10 to 99 $4.50
Price 100 + $4.00
UPC Code820799006508
6FT MULTISYNC TYPE DB9-Male HD15-Male Monitor
Video Cable Used to connect a large quantity of multisync monitors to the VGA Card on the back of the PC.
Cable is DB-9 Male to HD DB-15 Male.
All most all multisyncs can use this cable BUT NOT SONY. See Part # 00651

  Pin(HDDB15)  Pin(DB9)         9 Pin D-Type Functions    15 Pin D-Type Functions
  S------------S                Sheild                     Sheild
  1------------1                Red                        Red
  2------------2                Green                      Green
  3------------3                Blue                       Blue
  4 N/C                                                    Ground (Sync Ground)
  5 N/C                                                    No Connection
  6---------+--6                Red Ground                 Red Return (Red Ground)
  7---------+--7                Green Ground               Green Return (Green Ground)
  8---------+--8                Blue Ground                Blue Return (Blue Ground)
  9 N/C     |--9                Sync Ground                No Connection
  10--------+                                              Digital Ground
  11--------+                                              Digital Ground
  12 N/C                                                   No Connection
  13-----------4                Horizontal Sync            Horizontal Sync
  14-----------5                Vertical Sync              Vertical Sync
  15 N/C                                                   No Connection
Pins 6,7,8,10,11 tied to 6,7,8,9.  

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