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PS/2 MOUSE PORT TO MB 1x6 or 1x5 pin

Part No06011
Price 1 to 9 $4.50
Price 10 to 99 $4.00
Price 100 + $3.50
UPC Code820799060111
PS/2 MOUSE PORT TO MB 1x6 or 1x5 pin
Cable used to allow usage of a PS/2 mouse.
On the special 6 pin connector on main board.
Also use on 5 Pin connector on main board.
(Let remaining connector hang off)
This connector is single row with 6 pins.
Commonly used on :
Shuttle Mother Boards.
6-Wire Layout
Pin 1		Mouse Data	Brown
Pin 2		Reserved	Open	
Pin 3		Ground		Red
Pin 4		+5V		Yellow
Pin 5		Mouse Clock	Green
Pin 6		Reserved	Open

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