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32 Pin SAS 4X7 SATA Cable Black with Latch

Part No01621
Price 1 to 9$13.00 Limited Stock
Price 10 to 99 $12.59
Price 100 + $12.00
UPC Code820799016217
32 Pin SAS 4X7 SATA Cable Black with Latch

This SFF-8484 SAS to 4x SATA cable features one 32-pin receptacle (SFF-8484) which fans out to four SATA 7-pin receptacles.

Model: LD SAS to SATA Adapter Cable
* General Features:
  • 30" Long
  • SAS 4-Lane
  • Terminal Gender M-M
  • Specifications 1 x 32pin SAS Connector (Male) to 4 x 7pin SATA Connector (Male)
    This is an internal Serial Attached SCSI x4 (SFF-8484) to (4) x1 Serial ATA (controller based) fan-out cable with SFF-8448 sideband signals. It measures 0.5 meters and is used for connecting a SATA/SAS controller (SFF-8484) to SATA disks, or a SATA/SAS backplane. This cable is commonly used with Dell PERC 5, LSI, HP and other SAS controllers. Sideband lines (6 wires) are for system management (SES) and LED activity. Dimension: 0.5 meter (19 inches) Host connector: 32 pin Multilane Target connector: 7 pin SATA
    Compatibility: SAS / SATA
    Competitor Cross Reference:
    KingWin CBL-SAS-01
    StarTech.com SAS84S450
    StarTech.com 0102646236031
    Tripp Lite S502-01M
    TMC SAS84S450

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