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    Contact Information

    E-Mail (FASTEST RESPONSE - Highly Recommended)
    Marketing and SEO
    Quality Control
    (954)418-0817 (Phone Minimum Purchase $50)
    Internet Order (No Minimum)
    Florida Location Usually Arrive in 1 Day Delivery (not guaranteed).

    Billing Address
    PO BOX 50625

  • Return and RMA Information

    Internet Order (No Minimum)
    1-954-418-0817 (Phone Min $50)
    Fax Orders

    SIC 5063
    NAICS 423610
    PSC 5995
    PSC 7520
    Wire Products (US Census Bureau).
    Export - Harmonized Code 854449
    Export - Harmonized Code 8544.49
    Export - Harmonized Code 8544491500
    Export - Harmonized Code 8544.49.1500
    DUNS: 028858558
    Click Here for W9 Form
    SALES EMAIL CONTACTS:sales@pccables.com

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    This Web Site has been up since Early 1996.
    The software used for our site was custom written and designed to run very fast on our dedicated servers.
    Most of our cables and accessories are custom made to our specifications.
    Discounts are available based on Volume 100 or More.
    We Currently have Several Websites pointing back PCCABLES.COM
    So if you have a hard time remembering one name pick out another.

    Mobile Responsive Site New for 2015

    Our Blog on Cables

    Who purchases from PCCABLES.COM
    We sell a great deal of cables to many of the Fortune 1000 Companies.
    We ship cables all over the world and are proud to ship orders to our Armed Services Personnel.
    Many of today's Universities and Schools use our Cables for networking and interactive video services.
    Churches find our reasonable priced cables great for use with their Audio Visual equipment.
    System Builders find Many of our Hard to Find OEM Cables excellent for many applications.

    We would be more than happy to have you and your company as a member of the pccables.com group of customers.

    If at any time you are not completely satisfied with your order,
    or the way it has been handled please feel free to contact me.
    Sign up NOW for Great Discounts.


    Jay F. Kullmann
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    Our Cables and Adapters are backed with a 1 Year Guarantee. Electronic Device have a 30 Day Guarantee.
    After 30 Days cables can only be exchanged for like items if they are not functioning.
    Items returned in used condition will not receive any refund.
    Items that have been modified from original format - Void all Warranties.
    Special Orders and Custom Cables are not returnable for any reason.
    Please send us a copy of original Invoice on returned package.
    We will replace or repair or credit your account for the product.
    At no time is PCCables.com responsible for any more than the cost of the Original Cable.
    Proper use of all cables is the responsibility of the Purchaser.
    Usage of our cables in life support equipment is at the sole discretion of the customer and at no time will PCCABLES.COM INC. be responsible for this use.
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    Return - RMA Information

    Ship by traceable means to:
    RMA = (Your Original Order Number)
    2331 NE 50TH Court

    Incorrect Ordered Items:

    Place another with your Credit Card NOW for the Correct items.

    Ship the Unneeded Items Back to Our Address Listed Above.
    Put a copy of the Original Order in the box.
    Put your Original Order Number on the Outside of the Box
    We will credit your card on Arrival for the Items Purchase Price.
    This option is available for the first 30 days after purchase.

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    International Customers

    PCCABLES.COM Will ship outside the USA either Via Our Freight system or the Customers Account.
    The Following High Risk Countries will not be shipped to:
    Nigiara, Ghana, Malaysia, Indonesia
    We also Reserve the Right not to ship anywhere if we feel that the Risk of Loss or Damage is High.

    Country of Origin for most of our Products CHINA
    Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) EAR-99
    Schedule B 2008 Tariff Control Code
    Export - Harmonized Code 8544491500
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    Payment Options

    We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express.

    Your credit card will not be charged until your order has shipped.
    Online Payment Services.
    Payments through PayPal.com!
    POs are accepted from almost all Companies and Government Agencies and Schools.
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    Order By Fax/Phone!

    Write down:
    What you want with item numbers.
    Where you want it shipped.
    How you want it shipped.
    Fax it (954)418-0835 Min $50.00 for Purchase Orders
    Phone (954)418-0817 Min $50.00 for Phone Orders

    Shipping Policy

    Orders Place by 3:00 EST Ship out the Same Day.
    Air Orders Take Priority
    Shipping Fee: Include Box and Packaging and Shipping and Insurance

    Custom Cables OEM Cables

    Custom Order Cables Require between 4 to 14 Weeks Lead time.
    Minimum Order is based on the Cost and Length of the Custom Cable or Adapter.
    All cables requiring special connectors or specific color Coding are Considered Custom Cables.
    Please keep this lead time in mind when Ordering for Specific Applications.
    Also we ask that a technical Drawing is submitted with all Custom Orders.
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    Why Purchase from PCCABLES.COM

    PCCables is a supplier of high quality Generic Cables that can be used with your OEM Product.
    Or Modified to work in your OEM Product.
    We have made them as Generic as possible so that you can include them with your Product and not make them Distracting for the End User.
    After all they are your Customer and it was difficult to acquire them.
    So basically if you want an Excellent Quality cable to use on and Project your have found the correct place PCCables.com.
    If you are looking for Heavily Branded Cables then Perhaps you will want to look for other Suppliers on the Internet.
    Examples: Monster Cables, Belkin Cables, StarTech Cables, MonoPrice Cables.
    I think you will find our quality is excellent and we stand behind our products.
    We have sold to 1000's of different company's including; Manufactures or Computers, Suppliers to Government Agencies, Educational Facilities, Military Personnel.
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    The PCCABLES.COM Story

    People ask me from time to time how did you ever get into Building and Selling Cables?
    I think it all started in December of 1985. This was the year that IBM Truly revolutionized the computer market with the IBM XT Computer my first computer. Purchased from an IBM Dealer in Florida for approx $2500 My car at the Time cost me $500. I was 25 Years Old. The only reason I purchased it that cheap is because my Father was an IBM Employee and he was allowed to purchase two computers a year at this bargain price. As a very curious lad I decided to open it up and See what made it tick and like all folks I was trying to see if I could make it go faster (NEC V20 Chip). Anyways this led to several years of me installing computers and setting up assorted networks; Netware, IBM Token Ring, ATT StarLan, Arc Net, Ethernet you get the picture. I truly love computers and what they can do to help automate a business. Well after several years of consulting, my brother got me connected with computer shows where we would sell all types of components, cables, memory, cases, CPU, drives, you can pretty much name it. After a while I found that we could make a good living selling the hundreds of different type of cables and brackets that go into and are used to connect computers to themselves and to each other. The shows fees where getting expensive about 1996 and the competition was rough. So I decided to move onto a new Media the Internet. My Father had shown it to me several years before as I believe IBM was one of the companies that helped launch the Internet along with MCI. PCCABLES.COM was born and I spent 100's of hours writing our proprietary shopping cart system and we where up and selling in 1996. We have made lots of changes to the system and it now runs on its own dedicated server. We now have over 1000 different Cables and some of the hardest to find cables in the market. We also stock some of the oldest cables made for computers and we even sell a cable for that IBM XT Computer. I no longer have that computer but have at least a dozen other makes and models not to mention probably the largest collection of older digital cameras. I hope you enjoy PCCABLES.COM and our team can help you find what you are looking for, as hundreds of 1000's of other customers have done already.
    Happy Computing !!
    Jay F Kullmann, Just your Regular Cable Guy

    P.S. I would also Like to Thank my Father, Thomas F Kullmann, who I am sure is still Connected to the Internet.
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