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PC Case Cooling Fan by ADAPTEC

Adaptec PCI Slot Mounted Case Cooling Fan
PC case exhaust fan is an add-in cooling fan designed to fit in the PCI or ISA expansion slots of any computer.

Reduce heat buildup in your computer case!

This Adaptec ACC-9100 Cooling Fan is a PCI slot mounted case fan that expels damaging hot air from inside the case and improves system stability and lifespan!

Features include 2600 RPM fan speed, 28 CFM air flow and has both 4-pin large male and female Molex power connectors! Order today!

  • PCI slot mounted
  • Expels damaging hot air from inside the case
  • Improves system stability and lifespan
  • Gives extra cooling and enhanced airflow

  • Specifications:
  • Fan Speed: 2600 RPM
  • Air Flow: 28 CFM
  • Noise Level: 35 dBA
  • Voltage: 12VDC, 0.14A
  • 4-pin male/female power connector (18-inch cord length from fan to 4-pin power connector)

  • Regulatory Approvals:
  • CE
  • UL
  • CSA
  • TUV
Part # 07016
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Easy to use PC Case Cooling Fan by ADAPTEC installed Quickly and Easily.