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100FT SVGA Cable Monitor UL2919 HD15 Extension Male to Female

The Super VGA 100ft Male-Female Video Cable is a specialized solution for connecting high-resolution monitors, harking back to the era of VGA signals. This cable is engineered with individually shielded coaxial runs, meticulously designed to mitigate signal loss, and maintain the integrity of the VGA signal.

VGA, or Video Graphics Array, has a storied history dating back to the late 1980s when it was introduced by IBM. It quickly became the standard for displaying graphics on computer monitors and remained in widespread use for decades. Even with the emergence of newer digital interfaces, VGA's analog signal transmission capabilities and versatility continue to find applications in various industries.

Our Super VGA cable is ideal for those who rely on high-resolution monitors with VGA connections, offering exceptional signal quality and durability. It's not only suitable for modern high-resolution displays but also compatible with video switch boxes, making it a valuable asset for professionals and enthusiasts looking to maintain the legacy of VGA technology.

Experience the reliable and time-tested performance of VGA with our Super VGA 100ft M-F Video Cable, ensuring a stable and crisp visual experience for your VGA-compatible monitors.
VGA Resolution  	Letter Designation
640x480 pixels  	VGA (Video Graphics Array)
800x600 pixels  	SVGA (Super VGA)
1024x768 pixels 	XGA (Extended Graphics Array)
1152x864 pixels 	XGA+ (Extended Graphics Array Plus)
1280x720 pixels 	WXGA (Wide XGA)
1280x768 pixels 	WXGA (Wide XGA)
1280x800 pixels 	WXGA (Wide XGA)
1280x960 pixels 	SXGA (Super XGA)
1280x1024 pixels	SXGA (Super XGA)
1360x768 pixels 	WXGA (Wide XGA)
1366x768 pixels 	WXGA (Wide XGA)
1440x900 pixels 	WXGA+ (Wide XGA Plus)
1600x900 pixels 	HD+ (High Definition Plus)
1600x1200 pixels	UXGA (Ultra XGA)
1680x1050 pixels	WSXGA+ (Wide Super XGA Plus)
1920x1080 pixels	Full HD (High Definition)
1920x1200 pixels	WUXGA (Wide Ultra XGA)
2048x1080 pixels	2K (DCI 2K)
2048x1536 pixels	QXGA (Quad XGA)
2560x1440 pixels	WQHD (Wide Quad HD)
2560x1600 pixels	WQXGA (Wide Quad XGA)
2560x2048 pixels	QSXGA (Quad Super XGA)
3200x1800 pixels	QHD+ (Quad High Definition Plus)
3840x2160 pixels	4K (Ultra High Definition)
4096x2160 pixels	4K DCI (Digital Cinema Initiative)
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This 100FT SVGA Cable Monitor UL2919 HD15 Extension Male to Female is a great investment for my presentation needs. It works seamlessly and has saved me a lot of time.