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50FT SVGA Cable Monitor HD15 Male to Male Conduit Feed UXGA


Premium 50ft VGA Conduit Cable

Super VGA 50ft M-M. Video Cable Used to Attach Hi-Resolution Monitors.
Removed HDDB15 End Allows installation in Conduit or through Small openings. Connectors Pins are already Installed on Cable.
Easily Push into Connector Housing Making a Permanent Installation.
No secondary Signal loss via additional connectors in the cable.
This design is superior to those that use an additional connector 1ft down the cable.
Premium Sheilding for Industrial Applications.
Includes Wiring Guide and Metal Hood.
Engineered for Professional Video Application. This cable is designed for best color saturation and, Black level, and Picture Detail in Mind. 5 Mini Coax 75 Ohm Cable with UL2919 Specs.
Pin 9 is wired through for special applications.
Minimum Hole Size for feedthrough is 1/2 Inch Conduit.
DSUB High Density 15 pin Male
DSUB High Density 15 pin Male
Pin     Color
1       Red Coax
2       Green Coax
3       Blue Coax
4       Brown
5       Red
6       Red Ground
7       Green Ground
8       Blue Ground
9       Yellow
10      White Ground
11      Black Ground
12      Black
13      White Coax
14      Black Coax
15      Orange
Shell   Shell
Cable Diameter is 9mm
Part # 10700
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This 50FT SVGA Cable Monitor HD15 Male to Male Conduit Feed UXGA adapter is a lifesaver for my work needs. It provides a reliable and fast internet connection without any lag.