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UC-E6 Nikon Camera Cable D6S Replacement 4FT

Small Connector Version of the UC-E6 Cable.
Required to clear housing on certain Models.
Designed in America - Made exclusively for PCCables.com.
Our Logo (PC) is on the Premium 8 Pin Connector.
Ships from USA.
Uses 2.0 Compatible Cable which is downward compatible with 1.1 and 1.0 USB Standards
Include Ferrite Core.
4 Ft Long
Has Special USB Connector on One Side.
Which our technicians like to call a Flat-8
Also Compatible with UC-E16 and UC-E23
We test them on our Extensive List of Cameras here in Pompano Beach Florida.
Selling Online Since 1996

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Part # 70564
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This UC-E6 Nikon Camera Cable D6S Replacement 4FT is a must-have for anyone with a new computer or TV. It allows me to use my old peripherals without any issues.

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