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50ft DB9 Serial Male to Female 9-Wire Straight Thru Extension Cable

50ft DB9 Male to Female 9-Wire Serial Straight Thru Extension Cable

Applications: Serial with DB9 Connector, Video with DB9 Connector, Motion Control, Data Transfer
Connectors: Molded DB9 Male on one side and DB9 Female on the other side
DB9 Male
DB9 Female
Wires: All 9 wires are connected plus Shield
Shield: Aluminum Mylar Foil Shield with Drain Wire
Pin-Out: Straight Through: 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, 5-5, 6-6, 7-7, 8-8, 9-9, Shield-Shield-Ground-Ground
Color: Beige
Gauge: 28AWG
Length: 50ft
Warranty: Lifetime
Manufacturer: PCCABLES.COM INC.
Designed and Sold in USA Sold by: PCCABLES.COM INC.


RoHS Certificate ROHS3 ComplianceReach ComplianceReach 205 Compliance