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DVI-A to PD-Analog Cable 2M 6FT

Part No #03401
Price 1-9 $17.00
Price 10-99 $16.50
Price 100+ $16.00
DVI-A to PD-Analog Cable 2M 6FT

P&D-Analog to DVI-A Cable 6FT

A Very Rare Cable using the P&D-Analog Connector.
This Connector is shaped a little differently then a standard P&D-D or M1-DA Connector.
Its more Trapezoidal in Shape.
This Forces the User to Use the Analog type Cable.
Most Likely Because the Side that has the P&D Analog only supports Analog Signal.
We have this to DVI-A which can be converter to VGA with a DVI-A Female to VGA-M Adapter.
This will Give you a proprieatary P&D-Analog to VGA Cable
Another Cable that is impossible to find.
We have a small batch of these.