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HDMI Female to M1-D EVC-34 Male Adapter

Part No #03451
Price 1-9 $17.50
Price 10-99 $16.50
Price 100+ $15.50
HDMI Female to M1-D EVC-34 Male Adapter
HDMI Female to M1-D Male Adapter
The adapter is DVI(M1-DA) Compatible
This will support the HDMI Pure Digital Signal

Works Great with the Following Projectors and More:
InFocus/Screenplay: LP70, LP70+, LP120, LP500, LP530, LP540, LP600, LP640, LP650, LP815, LP820, LP840, LP850, LP860, X2, X3, SP110, SP-4805, SP5000, SP-5700, SP-7200, SP-7205, SP-7210, SP777
Proxima: DP1000x, DP6500x, DP8200x, DP8400x, DP8500x
ASK-Proxima: C110, C160, C170, C180, C200, C410, C420, C440, C450, C460, M1, M2, M2+

Partial List of Compatible Devices



  1. LP820
  2. LP840
  3. LP850
  4. LP860
  5. X2
  6. X3