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1394A Firewire Repeater 400MB Cable 5M 15FT

Part No #70927
Price 1-9 $28.95
Price 10-99 $28.50
Price 100+ $27.00
1394A Firewire Repeater 400MB Cable 5M 15FT

FIREWIRE 1394 Active Repeater Cable

PREMIUM VERSION has under gone Additional Factory Testing and Certfication.
6-Pin Male to 6-Pin Female 15FT Long

This repeater cable allows you to extend that distance by an additional 5 Meters.
Extending Multiple cables works based on the Device.
You can use three of these in a row without supplying additional Power.
After three units an additional Powered hub can be installed and more
extensions can be added to a Max overall length of 50 Meters.

Install the Male 6-Pin End into a powered FIREWIRE Port.
Install additional Cables onto the Female side.
Important Caveat:
6Pin Firewire Ports on LAPTOPS are know to have very limited power output.
So these might require additional power added for the extension device to work correctly.