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16Ft USB 2.0 High Speed Type A Male to Female Active Extension Cable Black

USB 2.0 Active Repeater Extension Cable 16'
Has circuit built into end of cable.
This active Extension Cable is actually an active tranparent bus powered USB Device that will buffer all upstream and downstream data flow. This buffering assures signal quality and maintains electrical and timing Specifications.
No additional Power needs to be added as the unit takes the power off the Bus.
Plug & Play USB Active Repeater
PREMIUM Embedded ASIC chip with LED Indicator.
Fully compatible with USB 2.0 specification
FCC Compliant
CE compliant
ROHS and REACH Compliant
Compatible with any USB ready
PC, iMac or Mac G3 Computers.


RoHS Certificate ROHS3 ComplianceReach ComplianceReach 205 Compliance