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KVM Switch 16-PORT Electronic PS2 ATEN KS116

Classic VGA + PS/2 Keyboard + PS/2 Mouse. 16 Port Industrial KVM
Brand New Box in Box.
Ability to Control up to 16 Classic Computers from on Keyboard and Mouse
Used Primarily in older Server Rooms.
                  The KVM 16 port rack mountable switch can access multiple 
                  computers from one keyboard, video and mouse. Gives us 
                  centralized workstations and save physical effort moving 
                  between various server locations. There is no interface card 
                  or software to configure. Installation is as easy as 
                  connecting cables between KVM Switch 16 Port and your 
                  computers. Operation is as simple as pressing a button on the 
                  front panel and entering hot-key command

                    KVM switch 16 port is 19" rack mount size design 
                    Supports Microsoft Intellimouse, Microsoft Intellimouse 
                    Explorer, Logitech Net Mouse or other fully compatible 
                    Microsoft mouse 
                    Provides console PS/2 to PC serial mouse conversion 
                    Supports hot-swappable 
                    Supports High Video resolution up to 1920x1440 with 
                    bandwidth of 200MHz 
                    No Software Required with easy PC selection via On Screen 
                    Display Manual, Push Buttons and Hot Keys 
                    Supports eight characters pass-word protection and PC server 
                    name search 
                    Auto Scan Mode for monitoring PCs with flexible scan time 
                    from 5~99 seconds 
                    Keyboard states automatically saved and restored upon 
                    LED display for easy status monitoring 
                    Buzzer sound for switching port confirmation 
                    No DIP switch setting needed with auto detection daisy chain 
Part # 30122
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This KVM Switch 16-PORT Electronic PS2 ATEN KS116 is a great investment for my productivity. It allows me to connect multiple devices to my laptop without any issues.