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5 BNC to SUPER VGA HD15-M Cable 6FT

Part No #00608
Price 1-9 $9.95
Price 10-99 $9.75
Price 100+ $9.25
5 BNC to SUPER VGA HD15-M Cable 6FT
5-BNC to Super VGA Monitor Cable 6 Feet Length.
Used to connect high end monitors to Super VGA CARD's.
DSUB High Density 15 pin Male
5 BNC Male Connector
  • 5 x 75 Ohm coaxial cables to insure that the 5 clear signals for crisp clean Monitor Image.
  • Gold plated copper contacts provides maximum conductivity with no data loss.
  • Aluminum shield to meet FCC requirements on EMI/RFI interference.
  • RFI line Chokes to Reduce EMI/RFI interference.

Wire               Connection

====               ==========

Red                Red

Green              Green

Blue               Blue

Black              V-Sync

White/Gray/Yellow  H-Sync