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Video CARD Mini Din7 Standard to RCA Jack Adapter

Part No #70727
Price 1-9 $4.75
Price 10-99 $4.50
Price 100+ $4.25
Video CARD Mini Din7 Standard to RCA Jack Adapter
Video CARD (Mini Din 7 Pin) to RCA (Jack) Adapter Overview This cable is all you need to connect your 7-pin connector to a Composite RCA enabled TV or VCR or other target video device. FOR VIDEO CARD to S. Video and TV Converter Cables CONNECTOR: MINI DIN 7 PIN MALE to RCA FEMALE Cable
  • One female RCA Composite Video Jack and One female 7-pin mini DIN jack
  • This adapter is used on some ATI cards to output Composite Video on the RCA Jack. Adapter used on many Compaq computers that bundled the ATI board.
  • Some models of the Compaq Presario 53XX computers require this adapter. Replacement Composite Video Adaptor Cable
    This cable converts the 7-pin Mini Din Video connector to a standard composite video (RCA) connector. If you want to display the video output on your television and it does not have a RCA input, use this cable to adapt the output to your television.
    On The Video Card

    COMPAQ Presario 53XX
    DELL Inspiron 8100

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  • REALmagic Hollywood Plus
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  • NetStream 2000TV
  • NetStream 2000
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    Additional Information on this Connector 7 Pin
    7 Pin Mini Din Connector for Video