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PCMCIA Card Cable M041 4PIN Cable for Laptop 4P Modem

PCMCIA Laptop Modem Cables
6FT in Length
Standard 4 Pin Cable Most Common
Compatible with:
Buy SKU: 10316370
ATEK: PCCA-M-04-01
Ours Costs Less than both of the Above.

3Com/Megahertz/US Robotics: 1626, 1336, 3013, 3CCEM556B, 3CCEM556BC, 3CCEM556BT, 3CCEM556C, 3CCEM556T, 3CCM156, 3CCM156B, 3CCM356, 3CCM556, 3CCM556T/C, 3CXEM556B, 3CXEM556C, 3CXEM556BT, 3CXEM556BC, CC1288, CC1336, CC1560, CC1560i, CC2560, CC4288, CC4336, CC5560, CC6144, CC6288, CCEM3288C, CCEM3288T, CCEM3336C, CCEM3336T, EM1144T, Sportster 14.4, Sportster 1626, Sportster 1336, 3CCM656, 3CCM756
Actiontec: BFM3360-CF, BFM5600-CF,BFM5600-LM BFM5600LF2, BFM5602-LF, FM144D,
FM288C, FM288LK FM288T, FM288XT, FM336C (4 contact only), FM336C-KF, FM336R-KF,
FM336LK, FM336SK, FM336T, FM336XT, FM5600L, FM560LK, FM560RK, FM560SK,
FM566C-KF, FM56C-BF/CF, FM56CNF, FM56KLF, FM56RBF, KFM5600C, KFM5600L,
KFM5603, MD14400, MD14401, MD14402, MD28801, MD28802, MD33601, MD33602, MD56002
Ambicom: AMB8802
Apache: A56PCM-A, A56PCM-C, V34PCM-A, V34PCM-C
Compex: LinkPort Comm56
Compaq: Microcom 420, 189661-001, 187145-001, 187136-001, 168932-001, 189662-002, 192/288, 33.6 Modem, Microcom 420, Series 565
Creative Research & Products: 2855
Diamond Mulitmedia: 56K MLFFM56C
EigerCom: 28.8/33.6/56K, FM144D, FM336XT, FM560LK
Hawking Technology: 610X2
I/O Magic: C56K
KingMax: 28.8/33.6/56k, FM3363C-KF, KFM5600C, KFM5600L, KFM5603
Magic Ram: 33.6m 56K
MaxTech: NetPacer 288A/336R/PCM56C
Motorola: 56K Global Modem
New Media Corporation: 14.4 WinSurfer, 14.4-28.8-33.6 NetSurfer
Phoede Micro: KFM5600L, BFM5600-CF
Piiceon: 56K
Premax: FM336XT
Simple Technology: 56K Communicator
Svec: FM560SK, MD56002
TDK: Networker 3410, 5620CE, 5630CE, Global Freedom 5660, Cell Companion
Viking: All 4 Pin Units, 28.8 V.34
Wisecom: 56K
Xircom: CBM56WG
Zoltrix: 33602 SM336SK
Zoom: 56k modem-4Contact

Replacement for OEM cables:

3Com/Megahertz/USR: AC-820, AC901
Actiontec: 0310-0013-000
Apache: 0310-0013
Apex Data: 930-07
Atek: PCCA-M-04-1
Compaq: 187145-001
Dell: 56809
Kingmax: AC820
Maxtech: PCM288A
New Media: NMC01006
Piiceon: 404-5016
Premax: 0310-0013
TDK: 1000242-01, AAA0026, P1000226
Viking: 0310-0013
Zoltrix: 0310-0013
Zoom: 22021

The Above list will change as new modems are added.
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Adapter was just what i need for my Video Application. Glad I found PCCables.com