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ATI All in Wonder MiniDin8 to 4 Head Video Cable AV

Part # PCC-70716
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4-Headed A/V Input Adapter for ATI All-in-Wonder cards.
Watch movies or capture video on your PC from your VCR, camcorder or
Use this adapter with your ATI All-in-Wonder card that has an "A/V In" 8-pin female jack.
ATI Reference Part Number 6110004900.

Connecting to ATI Card - 8pin MiniDin-Male
  • 1. One 4pin MiniDin-Female S-Video connector.
  • 2. One RCA-Female Composite video connector.
  • 3. One RCA-Female Left Audio connector for Left Audio signal.
  • 4. One RCA-Female Right Audio connector for Right Audio signal.