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Audio Cable 100FT RCA-M RCA-M Shielded Blue DUAL Premium


Premium Full Shielded 100FT Dual RCA Audio Cables

These Premium RCA Audio cables are ideal for connecting your high-definition VCR, DVD, TV and home theater audio equipment. With its oxygen free copper audio cable, you can expect clear audio every time. The low-loss 100% spiral-wound copper shielding offers protection against EMI/RFI interference.

24K gold-plated heavy-duty connectors ensure long lasting, corrosion-free connections to your equipment. The color-coded molded connectors attach to an ultra-flexible jacket allowing for easy installation and identification.

  • Connectors: Dual RCA Audio Male to Dual RCA Audio Male.
  • Links the composite RCA-type audio signal from your VCR, camcorder or any audio-based component with RCA-type connectors, to your TV monitor or receiver.
  • Constructed of low-loss 100% spiral-wound copper shielded OFC audio cable.
  • Ultra-flexible jacket for easy installation.
  • Gold terminals ensure long lasting, corrosion-free connections.
  • Premium Cable with Full Shielding. When Sending Audio 100ft you need these Quality Cable to reduce RF interference and Noise.
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  • Part # PCC-03399
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    This Audio Cable 100FT RCA-M RCA-M Shielded Blue DUAL Premium is the best I've used. The picture and sound quality are top-notch and it's built to last.