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CAB-SS-2626X-3 CISCO Cable WIC-2T Smart Serial CN26-CN26 Crossover DTE-DCE 3FT

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CAB-SS-2626X-3 CISCO Cable WIC-2T Smart Serial CN26-CN26 Crossover DTE-DCE 3FT
Router Cable
Primarily Used for CISCO Routers
3 Feet Long.
Metal thumb screws.
Brand New 3ft Back-to-Back Serial Cross-Over Cable
Used for Cisco 1700 (WIC-2T), 2600 (WIC-2T), 3600 (WIC-2T)
Used To Connect Two Cisco Routers Ports
Each Side is Labeled DCE and DTE

What is a Cisco 26 Pin DCE DTE Cable.

A Cisco 26-pin DCE/DTE cable is a specialized serial cable used to connect a Data Communication Equipment (DCE) device to a Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) device, such as connecting a router to another router, a modem, or a CSU/DSU (Channel Service Unit/Data Service Unit) in a Wide Area Network (WAN) environment.
The 26-pin connector is also known as a Smart Serial connector, which is a Cisco proprietary interface. The cable is typically used with Cisco routers and switches for high-speed serial WAN connections. The DCE/DTE designation in the cable's name refers to the roles that the connected devices play in the data communication process:
DCE (Data Communication Equipment) - This is typically a device that provides a clocking signal and is responsible for establishing, maintaining, and terminating the communication link. Examples include modems and CSU/DSUs.
DTE (Data Terminal Equipment) - This is typically an endpoint device that initiates and terminates the data transmission, such as a computer, router, or switch. When connecting two devices, it's essential to use the correct DCE/DTE cable to ensure proper communication between them. The cable will have different pinouts for each end, allowing the devices to communicate effectively.(Source Chat GPT4)



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