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Nikon UC-E6 USB Cable 25604 Compatible D6S

Part # PCC-25604
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Nikon Compatible Cable UC-E6
This is a Excellent Copy of the Original Cable Made by Nikon.
We design it here in the USA with a Couple of Improvements to make it last Longer.
Also we offer a Lifetime Warranty on it so Even if your Dog Chews it in Half we will replace it for you.
Our Cable has our PC Logo on the 8pin Connector.
Technical Specs.
Length: 5ft.
Single Ferrite.
Premium Molded Cable.
Any Camera for Nikon that Uses the UC-E6 Cable.
Nikon : 25604, E6, UC-E6
GTIN 04960759121974
Designed and Built by PCCABLES.COM INC. Building Cables Since 1996.
Premium Quality Cable we think better than OEM.

A Little Information of the Great Company Nikon:
Nikon manufactures a broad range of products from step-and-repeat semiconductor-manufacturing equipment, cameras, electronic imaging equipment, eyeglasses, binoculars to microscopes, surveying instruments and cables. These products have been manufactured with Nikon's accumulated and advanced technologies, and have gained worldwide customer recognition.