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OLYMPUS Camera Serial Cable DCS3

Part # PCC-87003
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OLYMPUS Camera Serial Cable DCS3
Made by PCCABLES Serial Cable For Olympus Digital Cameras
Includes gold Plated connectors on 2.5 mm Side and Ferrite Core
Working Models
D-220L, D-320L, D-340L/R, D-360, D-400 Zoom, D-450Zoom,
D-460 Zoom, D-490, D-500L, D-600L, D-620L, C-830L, C-2000 Zoom,
C-2100, C-2020 Zoom,C-2500L, C-3000 Zoom and C-3030Z

Compatible Items:

OLYMPUS® Camera :

    OLYMPUS® Camera :

  1. C-2000 Zoom

  2. C-2020 Zoom

  3. C-2100

  4. C-2500L

  5. C-3000 Zoom

  6. C-860L

  7. D-220L

  8. D-320L

  9. D-340L/R

  10. D-360L

  11. D-400 Zoom

  12. D-450 Zoom

  13. D-460 Zoom

  14. D-490

  15. D-500L

  16. D-600L

  17. D-620L

  18. D-830L

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