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DB9-Male to IDC10 Serial Port AT-Everex No Bracket

Part No #07140
Stock 215 - IN STOCK
Price 1-9 $2.55
Price 10-99 $2.25
Price 100+ $2.20
DB9-Male to IDC10 Serial Port AT-Everex No Bracket

DB9 Male to IDC Connector

No Bracket Included.
Use Case or Panel or Purchase Supplementary Bracket.
This version known as the AT or EVEREX or EVEREST.
Version uses the following wiring.

WARNING: IDC Connectors are Numbered:
1,3,5,7,9 Top Row
2,4,6,8,10 Bottom Row
DB-9	IDC-10
Pin 1 	Pin 1
Pin 2	Pin 2
Pin 3 	Pin 3
Pin 4	Pin 4
Pin 5 	Pin 5
Pin 6	Pin 6
Pin 7 	Pin 7
Pin 8	Pin 8
Pin 9 	Pin 9
Called Straight Thru Wiring Serial Port.
A 12" Ribbon cable with one end db-9 Male and the other IDC 10 pin Female. These small cables plug into motherboards and some I/O Cards.
We sell a Longer Version of this Part 07130.
We also Sell a 1U Short Bracket for This Part 07112.