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SONY Camera Cable VMC-MD3 USB Video

Part # PCC-71619
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SONY Camera Cable VMC-MD3 USB Video
Sony VMC-MD3 Compatible Cable.
Premium Cable with AV + USB Connectors.
Used transfer images from the camera to the Computer.
Compatible with below models.

Compatible Items:

SONY® Camera :

    SONY® Camera :

  1. DSC-HX100

  2. DSC-HX100V

  3. DSC-HX7V

  4. DSC-HX9V

  5. DSC-T110

  6. DSC-T99

  7. DSC-TX10

  8. DSC-TX100

  9. DSC-TX100V

  10. DSC-TX5

  11. DSC-W350

  12. DSC-W360

  13. DSC-W380

  14. DSC-W390

  15. DSC-W560

  16. DSC-W570

  17. DSC-W580

  18. DSC-WX10

  19. DSC-WX7

  20. VMC-MD3

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