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USB Camera Cable SONY Compatible D6

Part # PCC-70584
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USB Camera Cable SONY Compatible D6

Sony Camera USB Replacement Cable

Brand New USB Data/Lead Cable For Sony Digital Cameras
  • Brand new, High Quality USB Data/Lead Cable
  • This cable connects your digital camera to USB-ready computer, USB hub or photo printer/dock for pictures transferring.
  • It is designed and manufactured to USB specifications to ensure it delivers its excellent performance:
    + Oxygen Free Copper Core
    + Foil and Braid Shielding to reduce EMI/RFI Interference
    + Twisted-Pair construction to ensure high-speed, error-free data transfer
    + Data transfer rates up to 480Mbps
    Cable Length: light and easy to carry around Compatible with SONY Camera Models: Dsc-S650, Dsc-S700, Dsc-S750, Dsc-S800, Dsc-S850. And Units Listed Below.
    Designed in the USA, Built in China.
  • Compatible Items:

    SONY® Camera :

      SONY® Camera :

    1. DSC-S2000

    2. DSC-S2100

    3. DSC-S650

    4. DSC-S700

    5. DSC-S730

    6. DSC-S750

    7. DSC-S780

    8. DSC-S800

    9. DSC-S850

    10. DSC-W180

    11. DSC-W190

    12. DSC-W310

    13. DSC-W510

    14. DSC-W520

    15. DSC-W530

    16. DSC-W690

    17. DSLR-A100

    18. DSLR-A200

    19. DSLR-A230

    20. DSLR-A300

    21. DSLR-A350

    22. DSLR-A450

    23. DSLR-A500

    24. DSLR-A550

    25. DSLR-A700

    26. DSLR-A900

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