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DVI Wall Plate 1-Hole Stainless

he DVI Wall Plates allow you to easily route DVI connections in your home, office or other network location. It is a mounting wall plate that will eliminate messy cables and gaping holes, providing you with a clean, good-looking wiring solution.
The DVI Wall Plates are made for fitting into a standard wall mount hole, similar to an outlet or light switch. Their practical design make these wall plates an ideal solution for home internetworking and cable extension management.
Specifications: DVI Stainless Steel Plate. No Connector. Use Part 01764 Dimensions: 2.75 inches X 4.5 inches
Part # 02159
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This DVI Wall Plate 1-Hole Stainless is a must-have for anyone with a new laptop. It allows me to connect to high-speed devices without any issues.