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GPS PD32 GARMIN 4PIN Serial Cable

Part No #88002
GPS PD32 GARMIN 4PIN Serial Cable
For Garmin Hanhelds
II, II+, III, III Pilot, III+,
12, 12CX, 12MAP, 12XL,
45, 45XL, 48, 76, MAP 76, MAP 76S, 89, 90, 176, 195, 295,
V, StreetPilot, and all others that can accept up to 32 Volts on the power pin.
These models can accept up to 32Volts power input.
You can also save or load waypoints, routes, and maps.
Features ePlug , a custom 9-pin D connector, and very flexable cable.
Molded on ferrite Core for EMI and RFI reduction.
4 conductor cable with all 4 wires connected (power on pin 9 - the red wire is power, black is ground).