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HDMI Type-C Male to HDMI Type-A Female Adapter cable 8 inch

Part No01793
Price 1-9 $9.50
Price 10-99 $8.95
Price 100+ $8.65
HDMI Type-C Male to HDMI Type-A Female Adapter cable 8 inch

HDMI Mini-C Male to HDMI Standard A Female. 8 Inches

Adapter Cable to Convert a Mini Type-C Connector to Standard Type-A Port.
Used to connect Standard HDMI Cables to NEW Mini Connector used on some Camcorders.
Premium Quality Item Tested on Canon and Sony Hi-End Digital Camcorders.
According to Silicon Image, the HDMI Mini connector is designed so that devices such as handheld video cameras and other playback devices such as portable DVD players -- and soon to be portable Blu-ray and HD-DVD players -- will be able to connect directly to a digital display. High definition content play without having to use separate video and audio cables.
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Adapter Cable Replacement for Single Cables Listed below.
Canon HTC-100

Listing of All three Connector Types for HDMI

Type-A Connectors is the Standard HDMI Connector.
Type-C Connector is what we call a Mini HDMI Connector.
Type-D Connector is what we refer to as a Micro HDMI Connector.

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