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IFC-200PCU Compatible Canon Camera Cable 12-Wire D8

Part No70555
Price 1-9 $8.50
Price 10-99 $8.25
Price 100+ $7.95
UPC Code820799705555
IFC-200PCU Compatible Canon Camera Cable 12-Wire D8
Interface Cable for connecting the camera to a USB Port on the Mac or PC.
Used to transfer Images.
Hi Quality USB 2.0 Cable with Single Ferrite.
For Compaible Models See Below

Compaible with Canon Part:IFC-200PCU,4566A001AA

Connector Slot on Camera

Partial List of Compatible Devices



  1. Digital IXUS V
  2. Digital IXUS V2
  3. Digital IXUS V3
  4. EOS D30
  5. EOS D60
  6. IFC-200PCU
  7. LV-S1
  8. PowerShot G1
  9. PowerShot G2
  10. PowerShot Pro 90
    PowerShot Pro 90IS
  11. PowerShot S10
  12. PowerShot S100
  13. PowerShot S110
  14. PowerShot S20
  15. PowerShot S200
  16. PowerShot S230

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