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Loopback Tester Plug Serial DB25 DB9

Part No31020
Price 1-9 $4.99
Price 10-99 $3.75
Price 100+ $3.65
UPC Code820799310209
Loopback Tester Plug Serial DB25 DB9
A dual-ended serial wrap plug used to test serial ports for operation. This particular wrap plug has both DB-25 and DB-9. A very nice addition to any tech's tool kit.
These work Great and Can test Additional Wires besides just the Send and Recieve.
DSUB 9 pin Female
DSUB 25 pin Female
Wired Together
DB-25 port: 2-3, 4-5, 6-8-20-22.
DB-9  port: 3-2, 7-8, 6-1-4-9.

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