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Nintendo DS Lite Starter Kit MadCatz

Part No72650
Price 1-9 $4.75
Price 10-99 $4.75
Price 100+ $4.40
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Nintendo DS Lite Starter Kit MadCatz
The Mad Catz MOV024920041 is a great starter kit for your Nintendo DS Lite.  Featuring a 12V car cigarette power adapter, a soft, durable case, game case and two replacement stylus the MOV024920041 features everything you need to take your Nintendo DS Lite with you!

There's even a wrist strap and a microfiber cleaning cloth included! Features/Specifications:
Mad Catz MOV024920041 Nintendo DS Lite Starter Kit

General Features:

Two (2) stylus
Soft durable case for your DS Lite
12V car power adapter
Game case holds six games
Microfiber cleaning cloth
Wrist strap included

UPC: 7 28658 02492 5

Partial List of Compatible Devices



  1. DS Lite