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6ft IEC C14 to C5 18/3 SJT Power Cord

Part # PCC-01229
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This C5 to C14 power cord is designed for connecting a notebook computer, laptop or other device with a three-slot C6 inlet to a UPS system, PDU or other C13 connector. The six-foot length allows you flexibility in placing equipment with respect to the power outlet. We have coined the Name Mickey Mouse Connector on the C5 Connector as the Shape is like Mickey Mouse. This phrase was started in South Florida being close to Orlando. PCCABLES.COM Inc. Can Provide these hard to Find Cables for you.
IEC C14 to IEC C5 power cord commonly used for laptop computers or any C5 cord device
IEC 60320 C14 molded 10A plug
IEC 60320 C5 laptop 2.5A receptacle
Carries UL and CSA certifications as well as RoHS and REACH compliance Fully molded ergonomic design with 100% hipot testing on all cords