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13W3-M to VGA HD15-F Adapter SUN 130-3034-01 X3872A SYSTEM Adapter

Part No #00627
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Price 1-9 $13.50
Price 10-99 $13.25
Price 100+ $13.00
13W3-M to VGA HD15-F Adapter SUN 130-3034-01 X3872A SYSTEM Adapter
Adapter that Goes into system so you Can plug in a Standard VGA Monitor.
I know Ours is a Little more expensive. Keep in Mind that we have actually Tested it on these systems and Offer a Lifetime Warranty on the Item.
SUN, Next Version
SUN System Compatible Part Numbers:130-3034-01, X3872A
Works great with the SUN Sparc Classic.
Requires a Multisync Style Monitor.
Most likely many other SUN Systems also.
Includes Horizontal and Vertical Sync
A very special adapter to change 13w3 to a High Density 15 Connector.

Parital List of Working Computers
SPARCstation Voyager
SPARCstation 1 and 1+
SPARCstation IPC
SPARCstation 2
SPARCstation 10
SPARCserver 10
SPARCclassic X
SPARCstation LX
SPARCsystem 630MP
SPARCsystem 670MP
SPARCsystem 690MP
SPARCcenter 1000
SPARCcenter 2000
New Information 09/10/2002
SPARCstation(TM) 5 Model 7
Ultra(TM) 1 Model 170
PineApple 2 graphics
UPA graphics X-options

Adapter Wiring

Some Compatible Part Numbers.


  • Monoprice Sun 13W3-M to HD15-F (VGA) Video Port Adapter

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