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6ft Rollover Console Cable for Cisco RJ45 Male to DB9 Female 72-3383-01

6ft Cisco Rollover Console Cable DB9 Female to RJ45 Male. The cable is use for a console connection between a PC and Cisco devices. This Cisco console cable is the same cable that ships with Cisco switches, routers, firewalls, wireless devices and etc... It will work with both new and older Cisco devices. Equivalent to 72-3383 Cisco part number 72-3383-01.
Connects any computer with serial port to Cisco device with RJ45 port for reprogramming and updating Cisco equipment such as switch, router, and firewall. It allow you to use the standard Windows Hyperterminal or some other terminal emulation software to access the Cisco IOS through the console port. Designed as a replacement cable for use with several Cisco routers, including the 600, 800, 1600, and 1700 series. This Cisco Console Management cable is equivalent to Cisco part no. CAB-CONSOLE-RJ45 and AIR-CONCAB1200 Console Cable for 1130AG, 1200, 1230AG, and 1240 Platforms. This cable has matched impedance, PVC jacket, molded ends with thumbscrews and inner hood soldered 360 degrees to the connector for complete end to end shielding. Compatible with most Cisco device. (Connectors: DB9 Female to RJ45 Male; Length: 6ft; Color: Blue)
Part # 71013
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ROHS3 ComplianceReach 224 Compliance
Got the 6ft Rollover Console Cable for Cisco RJ45 Male to DB9 Female 72-3383-01 from PCCABLES.COM and am Super Happy with the Speed it was Shipped and the Quality. Will be back for more.