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Mini Din7 Video Card to S-Video - RCA Composite Video

Take the 7-pin mini DIN connector on your video card and make it TV ready with this adapter that turns it into a S-Video or RCA composite video female connector.
Many video cards these days come TV ready, but with a 7-pin connector that you have to turn into a composite video. Since the S-Video and RCA video formats both use composite video, this adapter will split the signal into both connectors.
Some Example Computers Supporting this are the:
Dell Inspirion 8100 or any Dell Desktops that have the nVidia Chipset with This special 7pin Connector.
Macintosh 660AV, 840AV, Apple Mac X100 Series AV Card and the AV Option PDS Cards Apple Cross #590-08989 #922-0817
This will most likely work on any Video Card that Has this specialized 7 Pin Connector.
Connector has a Centered Key Pin Horizontally Aligned with 7- Pin Around the Circle.

This Cables Has a the Following Connectors.
Mini Din 7 Male Center Pin Type.

RCA Female.

Mini Din 4 Male S-Video Type.

Part # 70729
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Very Nice Mini Din7 Video Card to S-Video - RCA Composite Video Quickly Setup in a Jiffy in the System.