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DisplayPort Male to VGA HD15 Female Adapter Converter


DisplayPort to VGA Cable Adapter

This adapter supports resolutions up to 1920x1200 allowing you to take full advantage of a VGA capability
Simple to use, small form factor converter makes DisplayPort backwards compatible with your VGA display
No installation software or drivers required providing a simple plug and play solution
4 inch cable offers added flexibility in tight spots

Used alot on Dell and HP Computers.
DisplayPort to VGA Adapter Converter.
This DisplayPort to VGA converter has many features that enable it to perform in a superior manner. Among those features you will find:
1. Display resolution up to:
1920x1200(WUXGA-R), 60Hz, 8bpc: 154MHz
1920x1080P, 60Hz, 10bpc: 144MHz
2. DisplayPort ver1.1:
DP two lanes or DP one lane
3. RGB analog video(VGA port) output:
Configured for 700mV voltage swing
4. Automatic sink detection and stand by mode
5. Spread spectrum (de-spreading) for EMI reduction
6. EDID Pre-fetch (VGA EDID Conversion)
7. Sink detection based on DDC return
8. Measured power: Active 1.4W, Standby 100mW
9. Power supply: +3.3V (Form DP)

For BIOS Bootup Set EFI or UEFI.
EFI-UEFI Compatible Competitors:
StarTech DP2VGA2 Display Port to VGA Video Adapter Converter
Accell UltraAV B101B-003B Display Port with VGA Active Adapter
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