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Ethernet CROSSOVER Network Cable RJ45 CAT5e 3FT Gray

3 ft. Category 5e Patch Cable.
Specialized Using Crossover wiring connecting transmit and receive wires.
This allows you to hook up two 10BaseT or 100BaseT cards together.
Used to Connect hubs together and two user Networks.
Sometimes Used to Connect Gaming systems together.
MDI Crossover Image
A network crossover cable is a type of Ethernet cable that is used to connect two devices of the same type, such as two computers or two routers, directly to each other. This type of cable is different from a standard Ethernet cable, which is used to connect a device to a network hub or switch.

The main difference between a crossover cable and a standard Ethernet cable is the way in which the wires inside the cable are arranged. In a standard Ethernet cable, the wires are arranged in a specific order, known as the T568A or T568B standard. In a crossover cable, the wires are arranged in a different order, specifically designed to allow the two devices to communicate directly with each other.

Crossover cables are commonly used to connect two computers together for file sharing or to connect two routers together to extend the range of a network. They can also be used to connect a switch to a router, or to connect a switch to another switch.

The use of crossover cable is not needed that much now a days because most of the devices now have auto-MDI-X feature which automatically detects the type of cable being used and adjust itself accordingly.

To use a crossover cable, the devices being connected must have Ethernet ports, and the cable must be plugged into the appropriate ports on each device. The devices must also be configured to communicate with each other, typically by setting their IP addresses to be in the same subnet.

Overall, a network crossover cable is a specialized type of Ethernet cable that is used to connect two devices directly to each other, bypassing the need for a network hub or switch. It is a handy tool for network administrators and technicians, and can be used in a variety of different situations to connect and extend networks.
Part # PCC-02221
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