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Firewire Repeater Extension Cable 5 Meter IEEE-1394a 6PIN 5M

Part # PCC-70922
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16FT 4IN-BLACK (PCC-70922)
16FT 4IN-BLACK (PCC-70929)
16FT 4IN-BLACK (PCC-32918)

FIREWIRE 1394 Active Repeater Cable

6-Pin Male to 6-Pin Female 5 Meters Long Firewire Extension Cable

The Specifications for firewire (also known as i.Link and IEEE-1394)
You can use three of these in a row without supplying additional Power.
After three units an additional Powered hub can be installed and more
extensions can be added to a Max overall length of 50 Meters.

OS supported.
Although others should work fine.
Windows 98SE
Windows 2000 Pro
Windows 2000 Server
Windows NT
Windows XP
Windows VISTA
Windows VISTA 64
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
Windows 11
Macintosh OS 8.6 and higher

Install the Male 6-Pin End into a powered FIREWIRE Port.
Install additional Cables onto the Female side.
Chipset Information:
2023 - New Texas Instruments TI Repeater Chipset.
Other Part Numbers Representing Similar item.
Sewell Part #: SW-1101
Mfg Part #: FW-X-4.5M
GoldX #: GXF-2115,GX1394-215
SFCable.com #: 1608-SF-01
NewNex #: FireNEX 400 Mbps Repeater