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KVM Switch 4-CPU Electronic PS2 BELKIN F1D104

The OmniView SE is the ideal solution for system administrators, computer technicians and power users for hassle-free control over multiple computers without the additional expense of duplicate keyboards, monitors and mice. Its slim, compact size, and use of standard cables simplify connection to AT and PS/2-style computers. The OmniView SE features Integrated Mouse Conversion Technology which allows PCs with PS/2 or serial mouse ports to be controlled from a single PS/2 mouse. Other CPU switches would require having both a PS/2 and a serial mouse connected. Furthermore, the 180MHz video bandwidth permits video resolutions up to 1280 x 1024 at 80 Hz vertical refresh rate without noticeable degradation. In addition, the 4-port SE can also be cascaded for control over a maximum of 64 computers. And if you need to control a Macintosh computer, the OmniView Mac Adapter can be used for even more versatility. For the small office, power user or even large enterprise networks, controlling multiple computers is now easier and more affordable with the OmniView SE!
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This KVM Switch 4-CPU Electronic PS2 BELKIN F1D104 adapter is a lifesaver for my work needs. It provides a reliable and fast internet connection without any lag.