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MINI DIN4 SVHS SVideo RCA Video Audio ABCD Switch WITH RF Converter

Part # PCC-30064
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-BLACK (PCC-30064)
AV 4 to 1 Audio Video Selector with SVIDEO and RF Modulator

Used For:
Connect up to four audio/Video components such as Satellite systems, VCRs, DVD players, Laserdisc, cable TV Boxes, or Video Game System to a Single TV Input. You can connect S-Video (SVHS) cables directly to the selector for optimum picture quality.
4x1 Audio/Video Selector with S-Video & RF Modulator - Ideal for connecting video games, DVD players, camcorders, etc. to TVs without audio/video input jacks. Easily connect up to 4 devices and switch between them instantly at the press of a button. Features four sets of audio/video/S-Video input jacks and built-in RF modulator for connection to any TV with standard F-type coaxial cable jack.
IO Ports:
  • 4 S-Video Inputs and 1 S-Video Output
  • 4 RCA-Video Inputs and 1 RCA-Video Output
  • 4 Stereo Audio RCA Inputs and 1 Stereo Audio RCA Output
  • RF Channel 3-4 Converter
  • UPC:820799300644