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SVGA Switch HD15 AB Electronic High-Resolution

Part No #30011
Price 1-9 $19.95
Price 10-99 $19.50
Price 100+ $16.00
SVGA Switch HD15 AB Electronic High-Resolution
2 Way DB15HD High Resolution Monitor Switch.
Manual Switch With ELECTRONIC Switching.
Electronic Switching Allows Ultra High Resolutions.
Tested to 2048x1536 @ 72Hz

  • Manual VGA/SVGA "Electronic" switch box designed for HI-Resolution VGA, SVGA,XVGA or LCD monitors.
  • One Monitor to Two PC's
  • Male to Male DB15HD SVGA cable required from each computer to switch box
  • This unit is powered and comes with an AC adapter
  • Compatible with Windows 98,98SE,ME,2000,XP,MAC OS 8 or higher
    Supports Multiscan and RGB Signals.
    Unit can be used for Component Video Switching with Breakout Cables.