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SVideo AMP with Audio 4-way Splitter SB-3716

S-VIDEO or SVHS and RCA Composite Distribution Amplifier 4 outputs Y/C Video ,Stereo Right and Left
This 4 Output Distribution Amplifier splitter accepts Audio & S-Video signals and broadcasts them to multiple output devices (TV, monitor, home theater system, projector).

Features &Applications
These Audio/Video Splitters prevent picture degradation by actively driving each output with an amplifier, making this the ideal solution when running S-Video cable over distances greater than 10 feet, or when connecting multiple monitors. The same image is displayed on all outputs, with no degradation of signal.
  • Compatible with NTSC / PAL S-Video and stereo audio.
  • Auto Scan function.
  • > 10 MHz video bandwidth.
  • Input devices: DVD, VCR, satellite or cable receiver, video game system, security cameras.
  • Output Devices: TV, VCR, monitor, projector, stereo speakers.

  • Specifications
  • Type of Video: S-Video (Y/C).
  • Video Input: 0.3Vpp, 75 ohm.
  • Audio Input: Stereo (R+L), 40K input impedance
  • Input Terminals:
  • One S-Video 4 pin female Mini DIN connector.
  • One pair of RCA audio jacks (R&L).
  • Outputs:
    Type of Video: S-Video (Y/C).
    Video Output:0.3Vpp. 75 ohm.
    Output Terminals:
  • 4 S-Video 4 pin female Mini DIN connectors.
  • 4 pairs of RCA audio jacks (right &left speakers).
    Technical Information:
    Video Bandwidth: > 10 MHz
    Distortion: Video: < 1.2dB. Audio: < 0.6dB.
    Channel Isolation: > 50dB.
    Signal to Noise Ratio: < 50dB.
    Power 110 VAC at 60 Hz via AC Adapter.

    Package Includes:
  • Audio / S-Video Distribution Amplifier.
  • AC Adapter.
  • 6-foot S-Video 4 pin Mini DIN cable.
  • User Manual.
  • Part # 30063
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