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SVideo Cable 4Pin MiniDin Male to Male 25FT Dual RCA Audio

S-Video & 2-RCA Audio Cable Combo, Gold Plated - 25ft

Value Series S-Video/RCA Cables are the right choice for connecting your VCR, DVD, TV and other audio/video equipment to your TV or receiver. The S-video component is constructed with dual 75ohm coaxial cable that delivers high-quality video images. The dual coax design carries the Video (Y) signal separate from the Color (C) providing higher resolution and better picture quality. The dual audio conductor is 90% spiral-wrapped with tinned-copper, which provides shielding against EMI and RFI interference. Connect digital camcorders, satellite receivers, DVD players, PC with TV out or any video source with S-video and composite audio output jacks, to television, monitor or A/V receiver. Ordinary "included in the box" S-video cables often use low-quality materials with inferior shielding that can result in poor picture quality. These S-video/RCA Cables deliver all the detail, color and brightness you expect from your audio/video equipment.

Connectors: 4-pin Plug/RCA Plug x2 to 4-pin Plug/RCA Plug x2
Combines S-Video and RCA in a single cable design Gold-plated terminals ensure long-lasting, corrosion-free connections Fully molded connectors provide excellent strain relief, keeping your cable intact
Individually double-shielded 75ohm coax with foil and braid shield reduces unwanted noise and distortion High-quality 26AWG 90% spiral-wrapped copper shielded audio wire Added flexibility and durability from PVC jacket Links the S-video/Audio signal from your DVD player, digital camcorder, satellite system or any S-video-based component to your TV or receiver Color-coded connectors:
Red, White for Audio
Yellow for SVIDEO
25FT Long
Part # 70735
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This SVideo Cable 4Pin MiniDin Male to Male 25FT Dual RCA Audio is a great investment for my presentation needs. It works seamlessly and has saved me a lot of time.