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USB 3.0 Active Extension Cable 16FT 5M 5GBPS Male Female 3.1 3.2 Compatible


USB 3.0 Active Repeater Cable - 5M ~ 15FT

3.1 GEN-1 Compatible at 5GBPS, 3.2 GEN-1 Compatible at 5GBPS
With power Injector Port to add current as needed.
Extends your USB data transmission distance beyond the normal USB boundary.
This high-quality repeater cable adds exceptional value, supports data transfer rates up to 5Gb/s, and allows daisy-chain connection distance of up to 25 meters.
Additionally, this USB 3.0 active repeater cable supports plug-n-play installation, is fully shielded for error-free data transmission, and features over current protection to protect both connected device and the cable itself from unforeseen power surges.
The USB 3.0 Active Repeater Cable - comes with FCC and CE regulatory approvals and complies to RoHS hazardous materials standards.
With support for a wide variety of Windows operating systems, this premium quality USB 3.0 active repeater cable is the smart choice to quickly and easily extend your USB data transmission distance.
The 16ft long USB 3.0 Active Extension Cable is a tethering cable that offers fast and reliable transfer of images and data. The Premium SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Extension Cable is an active extension device that allows for longer tethering distances without worrying about signal errors or corrupt data transfers.
Up to four active USB extensions and one passive 15 FT (4.57 Meter), USB can be daisy-chained together for a total of 80' (24.38 m), thus avoiding any drop-off in signals.
Additional Length can be made if using the Power Injector Port. Not Found on Competitors Cables.
With our USB 3.0 Extension Cable, signals and data transfers going in and out of the cable are buffered to ensure consistent signal quality, meeting USB's highest electrical and timing specifications. The set-up is simple, you just need to plug the male end of the Active Extension Cable into your computer and then plug your camera or other device's USB cable into the female end of this Extension Cable so the repeater is closest to the device and not the computer. For longer distances, you can simply insert additional Active Extension increments into the chain to achieve the needed distance.


USB 3.0 Super Speed
Power Injection Port if Needed.
Led Activity Light.
Optional 2A Transformer 86011
Part # 71550
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ROHS3 ComplianceReach 233 Compliance
Easy to use USB 3.0 Active Extension Cable 16FT 5M 5GBPS Male Female 3.1 3.2 Compatible installed Quickly and Easily.