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USB Switch Manual AB 1B-2A 2A-1B

USB Switch.
Has a 1 USB Type B Connector
and 2 USB Type A Connector
Front of Switch has Standard 2 Position Push Button Switch.

Possible Uses:
Select between Two Devices
Am Unsure why you would not just get a HUB and Run all at the same time. But if you needed to use the Devices independantly.
Maybe one device conflicts with Another.
Or perhaps for Testing.
Selecting one of Two USB Devices.

Uses Standard USB Type A to Type B Connection Cables
Requires 1 cable for computer and 1 cable for each device
Total Cables Needed 3 USB Type A to Type B Cables.
Part # 30070
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This USB Switch Manual AB 1B-2A 2A-1B is a great investment for my productivity. It allows me to connect multiple devices to my laptop without any issues.