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Serial Cable DB9F to 3.5mm DCS2

Part No #87050
StockDISCONTINUED Alternate 87060
Serial Cable DB9F to 3.5mm DCS2

6 Foot DB9-Female to 3.5mm TRS Connector Male

Generic Serial Transfer Cable For Devices
Stereo 3.5 mm Jack.
to DB9-F Serial Port.
Primarily used to transfer Serial Data back and forth from Small devices.

Wiring Schematic
DB9           TRS Tip-Ring-Sleeve Connector 3.5mm 
Pin 1-6-7-8   
Pin 2         Tip - Left
Pin 3         Ring - Right
Pin 4         Open
Pin 5         Open	
Pin 9		Open
Shell		Sleeve-Shield-Ground


Technical Drawings(Copywrite PCCABLES.COM INC.):

Drawing for Part No 87050