Everything you wanted to know about Digital Camera Cables but where afraid to ask.

Why Why Why.
I ask these questions every time I see a new Design for camera cables.
Seems like the manufactures used to make lots of money replacing them with cables of $39.95 and More like the New Sony AV MULTI CABLE
I am going to break this down into three Categories.
  • 1. Serial Camera Cables.
  • 2. USB Camera Cables.
  • 3. Firewire Camera Cables.

    As no single manufacture seems to stick to a particular connector I am going to list some of the most popular connectors for each interface.
    Its interesting to note that sometimes the same connect can be on a cable and it would be wired differently.
    Lets Start at the Beginning.
    Slow Digital Cameras came out with poor resolutions and very small pixel sizes.
    As USB had not been invented the Manufacture decided to use the only other two way communication on the PC was the RS-232 Serial Interface. Well a DB9 connector was a little large for all cameras so the manufacuter used as standard small 3.5mm or 2.5mm Audio Connector. This worked great for small images.

    Well these worked ok Casio Even Made some cables that had signal boosters Built in SB-155.
    Eventually time went on and Cameras where created with Reasonable Pixel Sizes and USB 1.1 was invented.
    I figured great perhaps all the manfactures would use the same connector but no luck.
    So out came approx 30 Different Connectors.
    And here is a list of those I will be adding additional information as it becomes available.
    If possible I have included a manufactures name if applicable.
    Otherwise I have made up alot of the names throughout the years.
    You will most likely see these on other sites that have copied our information.

    1. USB Mini-B 5 Wire USB to Go Connector
    2. USB Mini-B 4 Wire
    3. USB Mini-B 4 Wire Flat
    4. USB 8 Wire Single Cut
    5. USB 8 Wire Double Cut
    6. USB 8-Wire Flat
    7. USB 4 Wire D-AV
    8. USB 8 Wire Round
    9. USB 8 Wire Round - Inward Indent
    10. USB 4 Wire Flat Groove
    11. USB 4 Wire Foxconn
    12. USB Micro-B (released May 2007 from Hirose)
    These are the most common.
    The other models are used very rare and are very difficult to find in Replacement format.
    Althought we do have some at Replacement USB Camera Cables at PCCABLES.COM
    An Example would be Fuji FinePix F601 Cable We have spent thousands of hours assembling the following list please purchase you Replacement Camera Cable from PCCABLES.COM

    Camera Cable by Make and Model Numbers

    Last but not least is the Firewire 1394 Interface for Cameras.
    A Great interface with lots of speed.
    Using Standardizied connectors 4p and 6p on Cameras.
    Used primarily on High End Systems.
    Never really caught on because the cost of implementation of Firewire on the Camera was Expensive.
    Reminds me of the old Beta Format from Sony. Superior to VHS but never caught on
    Firewire can be found in some great Digital Cameras Like the Canon Mark II

    I hope you found this article on Replacement Camera Cable Connectors Entertaining.


    Jay F Kullmann

    P.S. To Competitors Stop Stealing our Information. We seed our data with Fake model Numbers so we know who you are.

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