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PC99 Color Code Standards
FLAT PANEL Standards
Serial RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 Standards
Firewire IEEE-1394 Standards
USB Standards
IDE Standards
SCSI Standards
Printer IEEE-1284 Standards
MPC Standards
Midi Standards
Network Standards

PC 99 Color Code Standards(12/13/2002)

Blue = SVGA Monitor Display
Black = USB
Purple = PS/2 Keyboard
Light Green = PS/2 Mouse
Dark Green = Serial Port
Burgundy = PRINTER Port IEEE1284

Flat Panel Standards(04/15/2000)

Digital Flat Panel(DFP) and Digital Visual Interface(DVI) are the two type of digital interfaces currently available for flat panel displays. These interfaces send the signal digitally to the monitor where it is handled in that mode. This unloads the system from converting the video to analog for the Display.


Digital Flat Panel was proposed by the video standards association. The connectors on a DFP card and or Display are of the HP or High Density Centronics type with either 20pin or 26 pin Configuration. This technology is sometime reffered to as panel link.


Digital Visual interface, developed by "The digital Display Working Group" , led by Intel. This interface support both analog and digital modes based on the controller and signals cable. This interface uses the new 24 pin Enhanced Video Connector(EVC).

Serial RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 Standards

RS-232 designated from the Electronic Industry Association (EIA)

RS-232 The Most popular of the Serial Interfaces. Used to send data in a single bit Stream.
This interface is used on many of today's computer peripherials including Mice and Modems.
Although this interface is slow by today's standards it is easy to program and interface devices with it.
Approximate Max Lengths for this interface are approx 60 Meters. Modes available are Synchronous and Asynchronous. Asynchronous the most popular format requires that the data is sent down the stream that clocks the information. Were as Synchronous Communications uses a clock mechanism to time the data. Common problems occur do to incorrectly set Interrupts and Address
One interesting voltage aspect and the reason Serial ports can fry other devices when hooked up incorrectly is that signaling on Serial.
It denotes a LOGIC 0 as the Voltage -3V to -15V and LOGIC 1 as Voltage +3V to +15V
. This can easily toast a TTL circuit as used on Parallel port.


RS-422 Used for much longer runs in Serial Communications.


No information available yet

SCSI Standards


Max Bus Length 6 Meters


Max Bus Length 3 Meters


Fast-20 SCSI Max Bus Length 1.5 Meters
Wide Fast-20 Max Bus Length 3 Meters
Fast-40 SCSI
Wide Fast-40 (ULTRA)
Wide Fast-80 (ULTRA2)
Wide Fast-160 (ULTRA3)


FireWire IEEE-1394 Standards

Firewire Cable

Max Length 15.5 Ft. 5 Meters

MPC Standards
Network Standards 10 Base 5
10 Base 2
10 Base T
100 Base T

Universal Serial Bus Standards Max length 16 ft

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