NIKON CoolPix L840 Replacement Cable Tech Sheet

Replacement Camera Cable for NIKON Model CoolPix L840

If you need to order a replacement cable for your CoolPix L840 Camera, made by NIKON,

Device Type: Camera

Manufacture (OEM): NIKON
Nikon Drivers Location:
Model : CoolPix L840
Our Part Number : 70564
Interface Type : USB
Additional Information on Camera Cables
List of all Camera Replacement Cables by Manufacture.

UC-E6 Nikon Camera Cable DCUP-6S

Part No70564
Stock 2850 - IN STOCK
Price 1-9 $3.95
Price 10-99 $3.95
Price 100+ $3.95
UPC Code820799705647
UC-E6 Nikon Camera Cable DCUP-6S
Small Connector Version of the UC-E6 Cable.
Required to clear housing on certain Models.
Designed for Digital Cameras - Made by
Uses 2.0 Compatible Cable which is downward compatible with 1.1 and 1.0 USB Standards
Include Ferrite Core.
4 Ft Long
Has Special USB Connector on One Side.
Which our technicians like to call a Flat-8

For Models Not Listed Below - Please Click Here

Partial List of Compatible Devices



  1. CoolPix D5100
  2. CoolPix L10
  3. CoolPix L100
  4. CoolPix L105
  5. CoolPix L11
  6. CoolPix L110
  7. CoolPix L12
  8. CoolPix L120
  9. CoolPix L14
  10. CoolPix L15
  11. CoolPix L16
  12. CoolPix L18
  13. CoolPix L19
  14. CoolPix L2
  15. CoolPix L20
  16. CoolPix L21
  17. CoolPix L22
  18. CoolPix L24
  19. CoolPix L3
  20. CoolPix L310
  21. CoolPix L320
  22. CoolPix L340
  23. CoolPix L4
  24. CoolPix L5
  25. CoolPix L6
  26. CoolPix L810
  27. CoolPix L820
  28. CoolPix L830
  29. CoolPix L840
  30. CoolPix P7000
  31. CoolPix S80
  32. D7100
  33. EH-67
  34. UC-E16
  35. UC-E17
  36. UC-E6

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